Drawing Down the Moon

ISBN- 978-1733703109

       Betrayal, lost babies and terrifying nightmares follow Jade Montgomery to James Island, North Carolina. Damaged and devastated by her third miscarriage and deteriorating marriage she drives to the strip of sand north of Wilmington to end her life. This was her happy place, the place of childhood vacations and college summers. Desperate for redemption she walks into the Atlantic seeking solace from her failed pregnancies, unrelenting guilt and dying spirit. She expected peace as she floated in her watery grave but in that nanosecond between life and the ever-after she heard a whisper of hope begging her to fight.

       In DRAWING DOWN THE MOON Jade survives her suicide attempt and is befriended by Agnes, a mysterious older woman who uses her own devastation and mystical Wiccan wisdom to help her discover motherhood doesn’t define womanhood. While still reeling from her breakdown a forgotten reunion brings estranged sorority sisters back to the island of their college summers before suspicions and secrets separated them for decades.

       This is a story of resilience, finding courage in spite of fear and accepting that our life never unfolds as we imagine. Jade’s challenge is to uncover her authentic identity, confront her demons and find joy in the journey. Jade’s story celebrates the feminine connection and the tenacity, humor and spirit needed to uplift each other through the triumphs and tragedies of life.

This is Book One of the James Island Trilogy.

Turn of the Silver Wheel (expected release fall 2020)


This is Book Two of the James Island Trilogy.