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Turn Of The Silver Wheel


       Two years after Drawing Down The Moon, Penelope Prince is being stalked by suspicion and fear hiding in her home and by secrets from long ago. Realizing her marriage is not a refuge, but a trap she fell into decades earlier, her facade shatters as fissures fracture the image she has carefully created. What begins as a pursuit to reclaim her truth, quickly deteriorates into a desperate and dangerous fight to save her life.

       Turn of the Silver Wheel, the second book in the James Island Trilogy, embraces metamorphosis. The story continues to explore Agnes, and the blessings and brutality guiding her mystical search for wisdom and peace in the aftermath of personal tragedy.

       Can either woman prevent the choices and challenges of the past from destroying their future? Like a wheel careening downhill, picking up debris as it turns, the accumulation that sticks to us can conceal the courage and creativity needed to evolve, and survive the journey.

Drawing Down The Moon


       Jade Montgomery’s life is falling apart. She planned for a family, she and Ian and a beautiful house full of children. But with every miscarriage her dream slips further away until she has nothing left. At 42, childless and faking her way through a miserable marriage she does the only thing that seems reasonable. Depressed, devastated and dying inside she drives to the island of her childhood vacations and college summers and walks into the Atlantic Ocean. At the point of complete surrender she realizes she isn’t finished with life.

       Collapsed on the sand in the early morning she is discovered by Agnes, an older sprite of a woman, totally unique and open. Agnes recognizes a kindred spirit in Jade and hopes to help her reclaim her life.

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